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Tracking #: 10435
Date Submitted: 02/13/2017
Status: Resolved (No IP Change)
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Estimated Release Date: Closed Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated: After review, MOTOR’s estimated work times do not include protection of components and/or vehicle.

Vehicle Information
Year: 2013
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Cruz
Body: Sedan
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Inquiry Type: Welded Panel Operations

Database: CCC

Area of Vehicle: Quarter Panel

Part Name:

Part Number:

Issue Summary: In order to install the quarter panel we must properly protect the interior from weld and grinding sparks. We believe this is not included and should be a separate line on the estimate.

Individual Procedure Steps:

Technician Skill Level: Average

Actual Time To Complete: .5 hours minutes

Suggested Action: Include this as a non-included operation in the labor time premise. It is in the refinish labor time premise but is not in the body repair time premise.

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