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Tracking #: 11797
Date Submitted: 02/21/2018
Status: Resolved (IP Change)
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We have reviewed the current OEM service information for the DOOR SHELL,REAR (GN 0287/0288) and DOOR SHELL,FRONT (GN 0207/0208). The DOOR SHELL,REAR (GN 0287/0288) labor allowance has changed from 3.6 hours to 4.2 hours and the DOOR SHELL. Additionally, the DOOR SHELL,FRONT (GN 0207/0208) labor allowance has changed from 3.8 hours to 4.4 hours for LT side and from 3.7 hours to 4.3 hours for RT side. All times are before option conditioning and/or overlap considerations. The change will appear on the February 2018 release. In response to additional DEG questions: Weatherstrip measuring is included in Audatex provided labor values, whether installing or transferring to a new panel. Weatherstrip cleanup time is not an included operation, please see the DBRM Section 4-3 Replacement & Recycled Operations. Door shell transferal of small grommets, clips or fasteners is not included in the Audatex provided labor values.

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Year: 2018
Make: Land_Rover
Model: Velar
Body: SUV
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Inquiry Type: All Other

Database: Audatex

Issue Summary: Shop is contesting labor 4.3 hours for door shell replacement on vehicle. It is not possible replace door on this vehicle and align and transfer attached parts as listed in the front door section. Please please advise what labor operations should be considered separate in addition.

Individual Procedure Steps: replacing a door

Actual Time To Complete: 6.7 hours minutes

Suggested Action: Other database range from 6.1-7.1 labor time. Please update to reflect actual and correct labor time or suggest what additional labor considerations should be considered in door shell replacement for such low hours on base time. Thank you

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