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Date Submitted: 06/26/2019
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Estimated Release Date: Closed “Removal and application of the seam sealer is not included in this case.” Research Response: MOTOR stated: After review, we have determined the following: The estimated work time for a “Body Panel” that is “bolted-on” i.e. Hood, Door, Trunk Lid, Liftgate, Tail Gate etc. Does Not Include caulk/seam sealer. This is due to a variation in supplied Service Parts that require caulk/seam sealer. The OEM caulk/seam sealer may or may not be applied to the Service Part or the OEM caulk/seam sealer only partially applied. MOTOR suggests using an on-the-spot evaluation to determine if duplicating the OEM caulk/seam sealer is required. MOTOR recommends these factors be considered and mutually agreed upon before finalizing any repair cost estimate. Refinishing of “Nut, Bolts and/or Fasteners” by any method is not included in MOTOR estimated work times. Refinish on nuts and bolts may be an artifact of the factory refinish process (overspray) or completely refinish. MOTOR does not take the position that the “Nut, Bolts and/or Fasteners” should not be returned to pre-accident condition. However, determining the estimated work time to refinish “Nut, Bolts and/or Fasteners”, if refinished at all, is best left up to the judgment of estimators using an on-the-spot evaluation. The repair technician’s application time for “seam sealer/caulk” may vary depending on product, dispensing/application method and skill technician level and is therefore "Not Included."

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Year: 2015
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: Sprinter
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Inquiry Type: Non-Welded Panel Operations

Database: CCC

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Issue Summary: Does labor for fender include to remove the removal of seam sealer over the fender bolts? Does the labor include to re apply seam sealer over the fender bolts from reinstallation? and painting?

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Actual Time To Complete: hours minutes

Suggested Action: please clarify seam sealer removal/ reinstallation on bolt on components I.e. fenders, hinges, etc...

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