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Date Submitted: 07/12/2019
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We have reviewed the current OEM procedure for the HEADLINER,ROOF (GN 0377). According to Database Reference Manual "Repair, fitting or modification of new replacement parts (unless part is being sectioned)" is not included in our times provided. The customer would have to use manual entries to consider that additional time. No change warranted at this time.

Vehicle Information
Year: 2015
Make: BMW
Model: 320XI
Database Inquiry

Inquiry Type: Non-Welded Panel Operations

Database: Audatex

Area of Vehicle: Roof

Part Name:

Part Number:

Issue Summary: The replacement headliner does not come with precut holes for the sun visor courtesy lamps or microphone hole.

Individual Procedure Steps: Measure and make template from original part, cut new opening.

Technician Skill Level:

Actual Time To Complete: 1 hours minutes

Suggested Action: Specify if operation is included in replacement of if additional time is needed.

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