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Tracking #: 14705
Date Submitted: 09/03/2019
Status: Resolved (No IP Change)
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Estimated Release Date: Closed Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated: After review in the Pick Up Box group(s), Floor subgroup(s), the estimated work time of 12.0 hours applied to the inner Box Assembly with a footnote that states, "LABOR: Time does not include R&I bumper, pick up box or box set back. Time includes R&I/R&R side panels and all bolted-on parts." is correct and appropriate. Please note: According to the MOTOR Guide To Estimating: duplicating the “OEM Caulk/Seam Sealer” for an OEM replacement “Hood, Door, Trunk Lid, Liftgate, Tail Gate and Pickup Box”, is Not Included in the Motor estimated work time. This is due to a variation in supplied OEM Service Parts that require “Caulk/Seam Sealer”. The “Caulk/Seam Sealer” may or may not be applied to the OEM Service Part, and if it is “Caulk/Seam Sealer” it may be Partial “Caulk/Seam Sealer” or Complete “Caulk/Seam Sealer”. MOTOR suggests using an on-the-spot evaluation to determine if duplicating the “OEM Caulk/Seam Sealer” is required, and all parties mutually agree upon an appropriate “Caulk/Seam Sealer” time.

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Year: 2015
Make: Toyota
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Inquiry Type: Procedure Page Issue

Database: CCC

Area of Vehicle: Pick Up Box

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Issue Summary: We are replacing the composit bed assy. It allowss 12 hrs. The bolt on fenders normally allow 4.5 hrs to replace. They come up included. The new bedside does not come seam sealed from the factory. The P-pages states that seam sealing is included. But that P-page I believe is for a welded fender that allows more time. 4.5 hrs to replace a fender is not enough time if seam sealing is included.

Suggested Action: remove seam sealing from included in P-pages for bolt on fenders.

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