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Tracking #: 15607
Date Submitted: 01/28/2020
Status: Resolved (IP Change)
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2/14/20 Update: CCC official statement: Due to the nature of the part available (Center pillar & rocker), the current estimating logic includes the Weatherstrip per the GTE Pages for the Center pillar. If only the Rocker panel is being sectioned, an on-the-spot evaluation should be performed to determine the allowed labor for the Weatherstrip, since the Weatherstrip R&I is not included with the Rocker panel section. MOTOR statement: The data offers a Hinge Pillar and a Center Pillar replacement. When replacing the Rocker Panel, part of the repair procedure is cutting into the Hinge Pillar. Unless the Rocker section is only done in the Door opening area, the Hinge Pillar will get cut into. The red arrows in the picture are pointing to the cut line for sectioning the Rocker Panel in the Hinge Pillar area. Since this procedure does not require the full length of the Hinge Pillar, Center Pillar or quarter panel, the estimated work time only takes into account pulling back or partially removing the Weatherstrips. Any deviation between what is already included and what the end user wants would be an on-the-spot evaluation. Estimated UM Release Date: 02/10/2020 Proposed Resolution: Updated the database to show R&I Rear Seat Assy not included with Sectioning Quarter Panel Front Lower Wheel Arch. MOTOR stated: After review of your concern, we have determined the following, 1. According to the “ Guide To Estimating: Center Pillar” “Weatherstrips” are listed as “Included.” 2. According to the Guide To Estimating, LABOR TIME PREMISE; Reported times include normal align procedure to insure proper fit of the individual new part being replaced. The estimated work time applied to a “Welded-On Panel” includes “Test Fitting & Normal Alignment” as one of the procedural steps. MOTOR feedback: If the end user chooses to remove the Weatherstrip completely, it would be an on-the-spot evaluation to determine the difference in time between pull back versus full removal. The operation may not to be to replace the complete Center Pillar with the Rocker Panel but the Center Pillar will be cut into at some point during R&R Rocker Panel.

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Year: 2014
Make: Toyota
Model: Corolla
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Inquiry Type: Welded Panel Operations

Database: CCC

Area of Vehicle:

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Issue Summary: When replacing the rocker panel / center pillar section, the p pages state "turn back w'strips" are included. When I select to R/I the door opening w'strips on the body for full r/i, the system goes to INCL both front and rear door. Second issue, Rear seat is showing included when doing a "SMALL SECTION" of the 1/4 panel and replacing the dog leg only. Database should NOT include anything on back seat when doing a section operation of the 1/4 panel. 3rd issue. When replacing the Rocker panel and small section of the 1/4 panel, the labor premise state to "Align to vehicle" What is the proper way to re caulculate the "Align to fit" since the adjacent part of the part being replaced is not on the vehicle any more due to adjacent panel being damaged and no neeeding to fit 2 welded replacement parts that but up against each other and cannot correctly "Align to fit" as per the premise?

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Actual Time To Complete: hours minutes

Suggested Action: Correct inclusion of FULL r/i of front door and rear door opening w'strips attached to body, COrrect inclusion of rear seat for small dog leg section replacement Advise how to adjust time for variable of replacement 2 welded parts that go up against each other requiring "Align to fit" but no the replacement part has nothing to "line up against" Scenario.

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